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‘Tailored For You – About You’

Get the results you want training alongside Head Coach Bobby, PT & England Boxing Coach.

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Whether you want to look and feel better, live a healthier lifestyle or improve your current fitness/boxing level – You can achive it with Afewee Boxing Gym’s Personal Trainers.


  • 1-1 uninterrupted Boxing & Fitness Training with a qualified & expirienced coach
  • 100% attention on you
  • Recieve maximum results with a programme specially tailored to your preferences & needs
  • Unique workouts so you never get bored and always feel challenged
  • Fitness training, Boxing training, Boxing Coaching – Or a combo of all 3!

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Free Consultation
1-1 Personal Training
Small Groups (2-6 people)
Nutritional Advice
Food Diary Analysis
Health & Fitness Testing

Spar the coach
Put your boxing skills into real life by taking on the coach in an in-ring expirience designed to develop your technique, confidence & of course fitness!

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