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Boxing & Fitness Training

‘Tailored For You – About You’

Get the results you want training alongside Head Coach Bobby, PT & England Boxing Coach.

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Whether you want to look better, feel better, live a healthier lifestyle or improve your current fitness/boxing level – You can achive it with Afewee Boxing Gym’s Personal Trainers.


  • 1-1 uninterrupted Boxing & Fitness Training with a qualified & expirienced coach
  • 100% attention on you
  • Recieve maximum results with a programme specially tailored to your preferences & needs
  • Unique workouts so you never get bored and always feel challenged
  • Fitness training, boxing coaching – or a combo of both


 1-1 Boxing Coaching
Afewee Brixton Boxing Head Coach Bobby Miltiadous

Afewee Boxing Head Coach: Bobby Miltiadous

Beginners – Casuals – Competitive boxers
Learn the noble art of boxing and self-defence with a boxing programme tailored for your ability and outcomes.  Beginners/casuals will be put through a programme to learn all the key fundamentals of the sport, such as, as stance, guard, torso movement, footwork, straight punches and defences. This will lead onto padwork, bagwork and more advanced technical drills as you develop.
Competitive boxers can learn from more advanced technical drills to bring out their strengths as well as develop their improvement areas. Sparring optional.

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