Help Afewee to help your community. Give young people the permanent boxing gym they need and deserve

Afewee Boxing Club currently operates on a temporary basis in a shared space within Brixton Recreation Centre. We need help raising funds to refurbish an unused space in the Centre into a purpose-built boxing gym.

Following the riots in 2011, Steadman Scott, co-founder with Tony Goldring, of Afewee Training Centre, decided to begin a community-run and community focused boxing project in Brixton. Since its launch in April 2014 the club has operated on a sessional basis in a generic, shared space within Brixton Recreation Centre. This entails setting up and taking down a cumbersome collapsible ring and bags on a daily basis.

In December 2015, Lambeth Council and GLL, the centre’s operators, agreed to house the boxing club on a permanent basis within the Recreation Centre in recognition of what the club had achieved over the course of its brief existence. A room that has been used as a storage space for many years is to be refurbished to house the club. The refurbishment required is extensive, and Afewee has been tasked with raising £30,000 towards the total project costs of £60,000.

As the only community-serving club in the area, Afewee BC will have a duty to reach out to all sections of the population and provide an authentic, high-quality experience of this powerful sport in order to change lives for the better.

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