Sky Sports interviews Nathaniel Clyne about Afewee

A few weeks back Mark McAdam from Sky Sports paid a visit to one of our Saturday football sessions held at Brixton Rec. The previous week he had interviewed Nathaniel Clyne in Liverpool and asked him about playing at the Afewee Academy when he was a lad growing up in Stockwell.

Mark wanted to follow this up with an interview with Steadman Scott and Tony Goldring, Afewee’s two founders, to get their reminiscences and thoughts about Clyne and young footballers in general. His film can be viewed here.

The young players at the Saturday session loved playing in front of the cameras – but they must be getting used to it now – Afewee has had so many visits from the media over the last couple of months!

Afewee Brixton Afewee Training Centre is a community-run sports charity specialising in football and boxing, based in Brixton, south west London.

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