Boxer of the month – Harley

Meet Harley, Afewee’s ‘under 11’  most improved boxer of the month

Afewee most improved under 11 boxer - Harley

Afewee’s most improved ‘under 11’ boxer – Harley

When did you start boxing?
Harley: I started in October 2015.

What do you love about boxing?
Harley: Boxing’s a good way to keep fit and it’s really great fun when you go in the ring and do fighting!

What have you worked hard on in the last month to win the ‘most improved’ medal?
Harley: I’ve come in every Sunday and tried my hardest in training.

How does it feel to win ‘most improved’ boxer?
It feels good to know that I’ve been trying hard to improve my skills and it makes me happy that other people have noticed my improvement!


At Afewee boxing club we believe that hardwork, focus and determinination pay off. We also think it’s important to recognise those qualities in our children, so every month we reward our most improved fighter in both age groups for their efforts.

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